Congratulations to UF’s NaviGator AMS team, winner of the 2016 Maritime RobotX Challenge ( in Hawaii. See and for more info.

UF’s Team NaviGator AMS, winner of the 2016 Maritime RobotX Challenge in Oahu, Hawaii

Saturday, 28Sep2013, Pool Day

We’ve changed our pool time on Saturday from 0900-1200 to 0900-1100 on Saturday.
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Wind tunnel testing

In an effort to make our boat faster, we’ve been researching ways to reduce the drag on our boat hull.  Besides making a more hydrodynamic hull and reducing weight, another way to reduce drag is to lift the boat out of the water.  Placing hydrofoils on the hull, below the waterline, will raise the boat at high speeds.  Hydrofoils act as underwater “wings” providing lift just like aircraft wings.  Instead of air, hydrofoils provide lift when moving through the water.  To measure
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Beat Tennessee!

Today, PropaGator and SubjuGator participated in the University of Florida Gator Engineering tailgate prior to the Florida Tennessee football game.  Our team was on station displaying our boat to the public.  We had the privilege of explaining how our vehicles worked to faculty, alumni, and students.  While it was very hot outside, we still had a good time.  Go Gators!
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Pool Testing

We will be testing in the Graham Pool on Saturday, September 28th, from 0900-1200.  All are welcome to join us.  We will be showing off the capabilities of the boat in addition to making sure everything still works.
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Computer simulations of a new propeller design and the original hull

We’ve been simulating our boat hull and some propeller ideas in an effort to see how they perform in the water.  Our boat hull was made to be stable giving it a large surface area.  This area limits our boat’s top speed substantially.  On top of the drag, our propellers were not designed with speed in mind.  We’ve decided to research into alternative propeller designs. Bellow are several videos of our simulation models.  The models show us the water velocity as it flows over th
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Day at the Museum of Natural History

On Saturday, we had the privilege to show off PropaGator to over 1500 people.  Since we were located close to the front entrance, we received many questions.  It was a great opportunity to show off how much fun engineering can be.
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PropaGator weekly meetings

Our weekly team meetings will be held in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory (MAEB 325) on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM.
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Follow up meeting

If you are interested in learning more about PropaGator and what we do in the Machine Intelligence Lab, we are having a follow up meeting on Tuesday Sep. 3, at 5:10PM.  The meeting will be held in MAEB 211.  We will be covering the 2013 RoboBoat competition, what PropaGator consists of and how it works, and where the boat is headed for the 2014 competition.  If any of the topics interest you, let us know and we get you involved.
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Recruitment Meeting

We had a great recruiting meeting today.  It was standing room only and people were still lined up outside the door.  We’re now waiting on the room number for our follow up meeting on Tuesday.  
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