PropaGator 2

PropaGator 2 rose from the lessons learned on PropaGator 1 and the testing data from Prototype 13.  It is an autonomous surface vehicle built upon a semi-planing catamaran hull.  Manufactured out of fiberglass, the boat is almost 30 lbs lighter than the 2013 champion hull (PropaGator 1).  The boat’s polygon shape, above the waterline, provides rigidity and makes construction of the boat simpler.  Below the waterline, two layers of chimes and a hard transom allow the water to “peel” away from the boat creating less turbulence and drag.  In addition to a completely redesigned hull, the boat is outfitted with a student designed and built hubless propeller thruster system with azimuth control.  The new thruster system allows the boat to reach speeds in excess of 10 kts while maintaining maneuverability in any direction.

Top speed:
Propulsion type: 
Thrust force:
Power supply:
Operating time:
Hull type: 
Hull material:
92 lbs
10.4 kts
2 x Kort nozzle, rim-driven propellers
54 lbs
4 x 4 cell 6000 mAh LiPo batteries
1 – 3.5 hours
Semi-planing catamaran
Fiberglass / carbon fiber 


A 3D CAD rendering of the boat can be found here (requires Adobe Reader).


PropaGator 2

PropaGator1 PropaGator_2014 IMG_20140629_242205709_HDR

IMG_20140626_121625978 IMG_20140602_171037365 IMG_20140531_143115340 IMG_20140531_140826308 IMG_20140531_113124592 IMG_20140525_174726824 IMG_20140525_131651342_HDR IMG_20140520_183640975 IMG_20140520_165650434 IMG_20140520_181736535 IMG_20140506_130607187_HDR IMG_20140501_191748125_HDR IMG_20140412_173120704 IMG_20140326_221939528 IMG_20140324_211627111 IMG_20140311_135524665 100_9059 IMG_1053  


motor_pod_render IMG_20140629_242143279_HDR

IMG_20140626_152930647_HDR IMG_20140602_164515032 IMG_20140531_143104901 IMG_20140531_142926510_HDR IMG_20140531_135600032_HDR IMG_20140525_171452482 IMG_20140525_133017466_HDR IMG_20140520_165638808 IMG_20140520_181716070 IMG_20140506_124314975_HDR IMG_20140501_122537288 IMG_20140412_173111024_HDR IMG_20140326_201823838 IMG_20140324_174832363 IMG_20140316_160645526_HDR 100_9057 100_9058