Prototype 2013

After hours of modeling and simulating boat hull designs for the 2014 competition, a displacement hull with hydrofoils was selected as the prototype (pictures at bottom).  The prototype (manufactured out of wood) confirmed drag models simulated on the computer.  After 15 hours of in water testing time, a consensus was made to move away from the displacement hull.  The move started due to the difficulty of the hydrofoils.  Efforts from the design of Prototype 13 have been translated to PropaGator 2.

Top speed:
Propulsion type: 
Thrust force:
Power supply:
Operating time:
Hull type: 
Hull material:
65 lbs
7.8 kts
2 x 80 lbs thrust fixed trolling motors
2 x 12V 4500 mAh lead acid batteries
10 minutes
Displacement with hydrofoils catamaran



Prototype 13