2014 Team

This team earned second place in the 2014 RoboBoat competition, our second year in the event. The PropaGator team members are comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida. Team Members:

Name Position Major Email
Andrew Gray Team Leader Electrical and Computer Engineering viron11111 [at] ufl [dot] edu
PhD (2016) Machine Intelligence, Electrical Engineering Hardware /Electrical /Software implementation and supervision
Daniel Frank Mechanical design and implementation Mechanical Engineering dzf209 [at] ufl [dot] edu
PhD (2016) Systems Integration Actuators, challenge construction, CAD modelling
Stephen Palecek Software Team Leader Computer Engineering sppalecek [at] gmail [dot] com
Masters (2014) Embedded systems and sensors Actuator software, sensor software and ROS integration.
Forrest Voight Computer Software Electrical and Computer Engineering forrestv [at] ufl [dot] edu
Undergraduate (2015) Electrical Engineering User interfaces, ROS integration, computer vision, general software design and implementation.
Jackson Graham Hull and propulsion designer Mechanical Engineering Jackson [dot] graham1 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Masters (2014) Mechanical structures Boat hull and propulsion systems.
Darsan Patel Controls Mechanical Engineering darsan13 [at] ufl [dot] edu
PhD (2015) Controls Z-drive propulsion software
Matthew Griessler Electrical Design Electrical and Computer Engineering mgriessler [at] ufl [dot] edu
Undergraduate (2015) Electronics Board design
Josh Weaver Software Consultant Electrical and Computer Engineering josh [dot] n [dot] weaver [at] ufl [dot] edu
PhD (2014) Artificial Intelligence and Controls Boat aircraft system, Software architecture, mission planning, ROS integration.
Yin Xie Computer Software Computer Science yinxie [at] ufl [dot] edu
Masters (2014) Embedded systems and sensors Pattern recognition and ROS integration.
Amy Gray Marketing Assistant Business amygrayj [at] gmail [dot] com
Business (2016) Marketing Marketing Assistant.
Dr. Eric M. Schwartz Faculty Advisor Faculty in Elec & Comp Engineering ems [at] mil [dot] ufl [dot] edu

Student Teams, Robotics, Machine intelligence, Autonomous Mobile Agents, Computer Hardware/Software, Microcomputers, Digital Design.

Dr. A. Antonio Arroyo Faculty Consultant Faculty in Elec & Comp Engineering arroyo [at] mil [dot] ufl [dot] edu

Machine and artificial intelligence, microprocessors, microcomputers, expert systems, human-machine interaction, computer software and hardware systems, pattern recognition, digital signal / natural language and speech processing.

Dr. Carl Crane Faculty Consultant Mechanical Engineering ccrane [at] ufl [dot] edu
PhD Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Robotics, autonomous machines, computer graphics, kinematics.
Shannon Ridgeway Faculty Consultant Mechanical Engineering scer [at] ufl [dot] edu
PhD Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Machine intelligence, dynamic systems and control, kinematics.




Contributing Members

Name Major
Austin Baylis Computer Science
Nick Troiano Computer Science, Mathematics
Alex Miller Mechanical Engineering
Danial Khan Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Monson Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Chelsea Richards Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Zavoral Software Engineering, Mathematics
Mary Grace Zmuda Electrical and Computer Engineering
Julia Lu Electrical and Computer Engineering